Check Guarantee & Electronic Conversion

  • A state-of-the-art scanner converts a paper check into digital format in seconds as software automatically deposits payment into the business bank account.
  • Simplifies paperwork and administrative tasks related to check payment processing, freeing up employees for other business operations.
  • Electronic conversion dramatically decreases the number of bad checks which impact business cash flows and returned check fees for customers.

Breach Protection

  • Our Value Added Solution for breach protection can be tailored to protect your business and customer needs against data breaches.
  • User-friendly merchant portal and accessible customer service combine to help you with any data breach claim.
  • Breach protection also includes current antivirus and anti-malware measures for all POS devices, terminals, and systems.

Cash Advance & Business Loans

  • A practical solution for any business that needs short-term funding for business capital, such as property expansion or equipment purchases.
  • Cash advances and business loans can be secured more quickly than traditional capital funding for last-minute or emergency business situations.
  • Repayment based on the business’s credit card transactions without the required asset collateral of traditional capital funding.

PCI Compliance

  • PCI Compliance helps businesses withstand cardholder data breaches which assure customers their data is secure.
  • Combines physical and virtual up-to-date security measures for all stored cardholder data, including restricted personnel access and strict authentication.
  • Creates stronger customer relationships that result in an improved business image. Non-compliance can result in fines and more to businesses.

Electronic Check / ACH

  • Receive traditional check payments online, over the phone, or on a recurring schedule for steady revenue streams.
  • ACH provides convenience for customers who continue to use paper checks and security against fraud for your business.
  • Online payments via ACH are quickly processed by banks and have a significantly lowered risk of fraud and tampering.

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