EMV Chip Terminals

Provide yourself and customers with financial peace-of-mind with EMV chip terminals. When inserted into a terminal, a credit or debit card’s smart chip is instantly compared to the entered PIN or signature. In seconds the technology protects you and customers against losses from a counterfeit or stolen card.

  • Support dual communications including WiFi & Bluetooth.
  • Feature advanced security measures & dependable function.
  • Convert merchant-owned terminals to EMV technology.
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Virtual Terminals

Online or offline, your customers are able to pay for products, services, and more around-the-clock through a virtual terminal. Authorize payments using PCI-compliant security features regardless if a transaction is hand-keyed or swiped in person. Recurring payments, convenience fee and tip support, and more are included in our virtual terminals.

  • Securely process transactions anywhere with internet access.
  • Web-based payments with no software to install.
  • Use a computer USB port for plug-and-play card readers.
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Mobile "On-the-Go" Terminals

Take revenue on the go with you with a mobile terminal. Send customer receipts via ​text or​ email and access account information from a smartphone or tablet anywhere you have internet access. Our mobile ​CHIP​ card readers speed up POS interactions and increase customer satisfaction without risking card and data security.

  • Turn a mobile device into mobile card reader.
  • Flexible dashboard data for better business management.
  • Real-time reporting of sales data & receipts.
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eTrak Recreation Software

Recreation Software

Accept league registration payments and process fundraiser monies quickly for any sport or recreation league online or in person with eTrak. This software streamlines administrative paperwork into one accessible location.

  • Fully customizable for any sport.
  • Multi-function calendars for easy game & employee scheduling.
  • Built-in email & text messaging for fast communication.
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Point of Sale Solutions


More than just a Point-of-Sale solution, it's an all-in-one, store front management platform. Our cloud-based solutions are built to evolve with your business and simplify your day-to-day operations.



Intuitive features and functionality including:

  • Accept most payment types including EMV®, mobile wallets, and contactless payments
  • Manage Inventory
  • Track Employee's Time
  • View Analytics and Sales Reports from any Computer
  • Run Single or Multiple sites-control of all of your locations via a consolidated view or drill down to the smallest detail on each one.

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Non-Profit Donations

Engage donors in more ways with our robust payment solutions tailored specifically to the needs of non-profit organizations. Online, on-the-go, or in person, you and donors also enjoy the ease of secure recurring donations with a payment method of their choice.

  • Seamless integration with social media for increased visibility.
  • Quickly build a donation page for any website.
  • Process cards and checks online or in person.
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Event Registrations

Simplify the background activity for event registrations by eliminating manual payment transactions. Registrants can pay fees online or from a smartphone with automatic refunds issued if their registration is canceled by a pre-specified date. Registration prices can be set up based on registrant type along with coupons or discounts.

  • Process event registration payments directly into your account.
  • Supports all major credit & debit cards.
  • Input or upload checks or purchase orders.
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Increase customer satisfaction with a peer-to-peer payment solution fit to everyone’s needs. With the tap of a button on their smartphone, your customers can divide a bill and pay their share, send money to a friend, and more. A modern alternative to carrying cash and checks, peer-to-peer payment software is a great addition to any business!

  • Easily integrates with other popular wallet services.
  • Provides a formal way to pay for many services.
  • Customers quickly send money to each other.
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Software Integrations

Software Integrations

Payment integration is key for businesses who already use custom merchant account software. Our online fundraising software supports common forms of payment, including gift cards and NFC, with 24-hour technical support.

  • Built-in PCI compliance for continual security.
  • Technical service to support coding and integration.
  • Range of payment integration tools for customer needs.
E-Commerce Payments

E-Commerce Payments

Watch your business flourish when customers can utilize e-commerce payments! Customers and you have the peace-of-mind all payments are made quickly and securely for donations, products, services, and more!

  • Robust & user-friendly shopping cart feature.
  • Quickly turn easy-to-use templates into an online store.
  • No back-end hardware necessary for payment acceptance.
Electronic Invoicing

Electronic Invoicing

Electronic invoicing reduces lost invoices, late payments, and billing errors. This software merges with many popular financial software programs, allowing you to continue using current business processes.

  • Securely access & store customer information & financials.
  • Recurring billing feature lessens late payments.
  • Frees up staff time from filing paper forms.
Hosted Website Payments

Hosted Website Payments

Hosted website payments allow your business to collect revenue without the hassle of maintaining multiple website pages. Customers enjoy secure payment options with consistent business branding.

  • Externally hosted website payments with powerful security.
  • Reduces impact on internal IT department.
  • Branding remains consistent for coherent customer experience.
Loyalty Programs

Gift & Loyalty Programs

Customer loyalty and reward programs have grown beyond paper benefits. By using automated customer data, our tailored solutions allow your business to schedule rewards on your schedule.

  • No installing or changing current POS system necessary.
  • Encourages customers to send gift cards to friends.
  • Rewards long-time customers & drives more website traffic.

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